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laurie, bobby, i thank you for your warning.

today i saw 'enterprise' for the first time. i was so excited, turning on the tv and wrapping myself in a blanket, ready for my startrekness fix.
utter disappointment.
jonathan archer is the worst captain ever. ever. absolute lack of charisma. even tom paris, the blandest most boring character ever written has a thousand times more appeal than him.
actually, all the characters are pretty much just as bland.
and 'enterprise', as a series itself... i don't know where to even start.
the intro. the intro. the intro. what happened to the orchestral theme tune? the consistant majestic-like compositions that made you wiggle around in your sofa in impatience because it interrupted the 'hook' at the beginning, it's lost. and the visuals, oh the visuals, the stars, the planets, the ship/space station, all the different series had some sort of rythm that encompassed them all as a whole, effectively linking them to the same fictional 'universe'. but the cartography and the maps on the 'enterprise' intro don't really translate themselves as scifi, but some sort of historical intrigue.
i think the essence of what i'm trying to say is that when i watch 'enterprise', i don't relate it to star trek, i don't think 'these were the predecessors of the other enterprise crews, this is their fictional history and how everything came to be'.
rather, i think of 'stargate sg1' or 'babylon 5', the sort of series i'd rather not watch at all. they burn my eyes.
it could be because of the aliens. the vulcan girl doesn't act very vulcany. the aliens are all new and have full makeup, or cged. while on 'the next generation' and 'voyager' all they did was put putty on foreheads and, bam, instant aliens.
the scripting isn't as witty or punny. it's just 'meh', which sums it up.
i've noticed a big shift in how the actresses are shot at. before, it was the props and clothes that made them the 'attractive' asset. their faces. now, it's how the camera points at certain areas of their anatomy. you're forced to look. i find it repetitive and tiresome.
also, how the camera moves doesn't really do it for me. like i said, too much like other ongoing series, the 'wobbly camera', bandwagonesque, instead of keeping its own character on narration and time that so made star trek stand out.

however, in their defense, i guess there had to be a step between the crapness of today and the utopia of the 24th century.
the effects are way better, i must admit. but that does not justify its weak script.
also, there's a dog! captain archer has a dog!! a beagle, and it's ultracute.


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