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so i sew and sew stuff because i'm all impatient about going back to holland for easter.
can't wait. first thing's first, i'll grab my bike and zoom off. to buy edam cheese. and vanille vla. and muntdrop.
i like sewing. and felt.

i'm ill and grumpy and snotty-nosed so all my housemate's interrogatories on when, where, how and why my family's coming over to see me bother me even more.
so, what, when my brother came over, the story was 'it's just that i'm uncomfortable with someone i don't know in the house'.

excuse me?

so... my housemate's boyfriend comes over every other week and frickin stays for five days smoking and eating like a maniac and showing off all the unnecessary knowledge he has on the most trivial of subjects. and she never asks if it's alright with the rest of us.
the other, she brings people over all the time, at two in the morning, at her whim. and they stay over. do i complain? no.
but that doesn't bother me half as much as the previously mentioned 'boyfriend' that says things like 'who here has been a star trek fan longer?' in order to prove his point on what episode had what and when and that whatever i say is worthless, or keeps on giving patronising unwanted advice on things, such as when wai was helping me pin a strapless top to my bra he said 'maybe you should try a safety pin' and then i answered 'yes we put that there' he said 'how big is it? it might be too small' and i said 'it's big and strong enough' and he said 'make sure you put two' and i said 'wai put three' and he said 'oh *pauses* not like the ones on the throw downstairs, those are quite rubbish' and i then said 'no, these are different' and then i think to myself 'if you didn't propel your fat lardy ass on the armchair and sat normally maybe the saftey pins holding the throw in place wouldn't explode.'
he patronises his girlfriend so much, i don't get how she stands him. and he steps over the line when he begins to patronise me.
i know this sounds like nothing but imagine it all day every day. you just cannot talk to him without feeling like he's belittling you. it might be so due to his insecurity issues hidden behind all those remarks. cracking knuckles is a clear sign.

i feel mean now. very mean. almost guilty.

but, it's my house too right? and i'm the one paying most of the rent.
i shouldn't have to be standing this. and then be asked for every single detail of my family's being here. who i bring over and when is no one's business. and that was true from the moment the 'boyfriend' decided to surprise his girlfriend and came into the house with his own set of keys.
he surprised me instead.

so now every time i'm probed on what's going on, i'm not volunteering anything. mostly because nothing's for sure anyway.



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