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scared shitless.
of the new options project. i have never done video and sound properly before. it requires a vision, a short story, technical knowledge, composition, getting 'actors', compose and record music (!!!), and generally trying not to make it look mediocre.
also, i don't know what the videos that our new tutor showed us had, but it made both ilundi and me feel depressed. like there was no point in anything. bad vibes.
it's not that they dealt with subjects that produced that feeling - i'm not sure what it is.
maybe it was the fact that they were very arstyfarsty sound-wise, and i felt like a worthless bug in awe of the cleverness and/or stupidity of the short films themselves.

i should have chosen photography instead.

however, there is one positive point.
our tutor, conor, is an exact replica of o'brien.
accent and all.
when the projector light hit him on the shoulders, cutting off on his chest, he was o'brien.

busted up. yay. one down, mcfly to go.


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