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while modern architecture, the social structure of suburbia, le corbusier, building materials and domestic culture exchange is spiraling through my head whilst words like 'future', 'desirable' and 'conveniance' ricochet around, sticking and unsticking themselves to the previously mentioned concepts, in this a5 squared miguelrius notebook and purple pilot hi-tecpoint v5 extra fine pen all-nighter that i'm pulling, something that has nothing do with anything shows its pleasant and anxious face in the back of my mind.

so. yes. i will compose a list of tips that will aid the people who like me enough to decide to give me a present for my birthday.
it's my 20th, and that makes it all the more special. because then i won't be in kansas anymore.
and when people ask me 'what do you want?' my mind goes blank, and i just utter 'nothing'.
so this is easier.

- don't spend more than 10 pounds on me.
- anything with the powerpuff girls on it i will love.
- no incense. i love it but i've got too much. it'll take me years to use it all up.
- cute underwear is awesome. with 70's print. size 36, xs, 8, bla.
- miffy. nijntje. nuff said.
- a white pet mouse.

having a mouse would be awesome. i'd let it run up and down my arms and then pick it up and put it in my pocket just like when i was little, in that picture of a 5 year-old me with a side-smile in that farm in the netherlands with that red top and a white mouse peeping out of the front pocket.

the ipod is crossed off the list because i just bought it online today - nyeh.
so i succumbed. so apple has already entered my consumption. so i fell for its versatility.
what can i do? what could i do?
i needed to increase my music's portability, not limit myself to cds and having to carry the cd player and heavy cd wallet with me. i travel a lot. and it'll relieve a quarter of my hard drive's memory.
also, i needed an ample dongle, so i can take my work from uni home and viceversa. gbs worth of work.
it's sleek, and smooth, and imaculate.
and i could afford it.
(but it's not confirmed yet - they can cancel the order anytime)

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