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the incredibles and lemony snicket.
the in-cre-di-bles and le-mo-ny snick-et's se-ries of un-for-tun-ate e-ventss. sss. ss. s.
awesome. amazing. awesome.
they fed my need for fantasy and escapism harry potter and the prisioner of azkaban failed to deliver.
oh. oh.
i smiled all the way through both. i felt snug, happy, like a kid. seriously like a kid again.
it got to a point where i thought 'maybe this is the reason life is worth living. to experience jewels like these.'
i slid down the seat.
oh. jim carrey and pixar. hollywood may churn all the fecal matter it can, i do not care anymore. not now that i am satisified with my newly-completed-available-for-last-minute-additions-favourite-ever-movie list.
and then i think 'i have built an emotional umbrella'. because experiencing these things do make a difference. almost like therapy.

(toy story still remains the best ever)


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