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he is so pedantic, so patronising, so insecure.
he says 'what you want is...'
he cracks his knuckles the moment his wit is defied/diminished/misunderstood.
he has copied and pasted eddie izzard mannerisms.
he so wants to be noticed. toy remote control cars.
he leaves hooks for biting, telling you 'it is your turn to inquire about what i have just hinted'.
i once didn't say anything. he kept on leaving hooks, which eventually told the whole story. when he realised the means defeated the purpose, he gave up and sat down.
he smells of b.o. and smoking.
he says he's never cold.
he must have an extraordinarily strong heart to pump the decreasing oxygen through all the cholesterol deposited in his arteries.
he likes to share his superior knowledge with us ignoramuses.
he is a very generous person, he will lend you his things, he will give you a lift: he does not like to be indebted, on the contrary - he likes others to be indebted to him.

and now i will sing and dance to vertigo. because monday is gonna be a big day.


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