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toby maguire is going to bury us all under a blanket of red spandex while we could have happily been floating in defiance of gravity while playing games catching droplets of baileys, and the vacuum cleaner noise is nagging and nagging, slugs and smileys are sucked in, give us some hallmark please, that's what we're lacking, instead of this abundance of pricing stickers - white, red, yellow, screaming, pleading for attention to be read and either accepted or rejected ('26% of the boys say that their bodies make them feel unnatractive') they're tagging us, they're labeling us, they're following us like paper airplanes and pinning us down - like father, like son - and we ask, 'what's with the noise?' and wonder if it is a product of hystrionism or a product of sheer bad will; there's too much, too much, too much of everything fresh off the shelf and too little of something beyond it, but since we're touching on that subject, i only want some 60's wallpaper to use as a shield, thank you, please - and we question ourselves, if we will survive the storm, if we will pay a toll worth our mental health, if all these migraines, backaches, artrosis, aren't really a direct product of this government of statistics, value numbers and hipocrisy, sit down and stop complaining, while in ukraine they exercise what they have the duty to exercise, what is natural, what any person in their right mind should do, instead of sitting down and stop complaining - nevertheless, i am surrounded by sitting people, taking it all in, chewing, and swallowing endlessly, with the occasional complaint, which they whisper into their neighbour's ear - social behaviour and civic values - culture clash, i do not understand, this is not my origin so i don't have to, but what i will not do, and i refuse to do, is join the 'us' in its bovine chewing.


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