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preach manically, you street preacher

'lifeblood' is beautiful, beautiful.
very similar to 'this is my truth, tell me yours', but much more of an album as a whole, with one sound, one feeling, rather than divided by pauses into different rythms which might strike as a bit abrupt like in 'this is my truth...' (but i love it and it's one of my favouritestestestest albums ever by the manics). 'know your enemy' is, well, confusing, although the slight variation in style is enjoyable ('intravenous agnostic', 'ocean spray' and 'my guernica' are awesome) , somehow it doesn't measure up to the aforementioned albums. (granted, they might be arrogant. but for a good reason).

i love to extract quotes from their lyrics, write them down in little pieces of ripped paper, and stick them in random books, to be found once i'd forgotten i'd put them there so i'm reminded that there can be instances where you feel you're at home. when exposed to such intelligent writing and orchestral complementarily tailored melodies, what is not to love?

going now so happy and so loose
making bigger holes in my stomach
losing losing split down the middle
with no end and no beginning
and on the street tonight an old man plays
with newspaper cuttings of his glory days
a cubist abstraction let it live forever
narcissim so lonely so live by the sea
when i'm this still you are my life
so at ease in the midnight sky
but my insides will look like war
paralysed except through my thought


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