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my job can go suck damp mouldy socks.
what a brainwash.
it's not going to be 'we'. it's 'them' from now on.
i can't give a rat's ass about average transaction value. i can't help but work hard because i am too passionate about everything, but it is getting taxing and i am sick of everything.
so they paint a glamorous, expert-like picture around record stores.
well it's not. especially in a chain store trying to take over the market like some aggressive ravenous empire.
it's all about being the customers' bitch and daddy at the same time.
i am paid for taking money in exchange for cds and dvds of their own choice. NOT FOR FORCING THEM DOWN THEIR THROAT. NOR GROVELLING FOR THEIR PURCHASE.
and i don't want to take more verbal abuse from ross. i am miss hypersensitive and i won't take what the other girls at work take. i refuse to.


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