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boterham bother

godless anti: by the way kudos on the photo
Knock it off: heh. I was playing with a digicam last night
Knock it off: The nights are so long and lonely in
godless anti: so you get company from pics of yourself in
seductive poses
godless anti: hmm
godless anti: i dont know if i should be disturbed by that
Knock it off: haha no. i just play with the camera
Knock it off: and play online mmorpgs
godless anti: ah
godless anti: when you say 'play'
Knock it off: aaaahhh
godless anti: you mean take pictures right?
Knock it off: No!
Knock it off: I mean YES
Knock it off: I meant No! Dont go there!
godless anti: AHA!
godless anti: a freudian slip!
Knock it off: (Note to self don't leave your phrases open
for innuendo)
Knock it off: (idiot!)
godless anti: oh bob what have you done to yourself
godless anti: a healthy young man
Knock it off: Look! It was only ONE NIGHT
Knock it off: You! Stop making me sound wrong!
Knock it off: This makes perfect sense
Knock it off: But you keep twisting it round
godless anti: i have green nails you know. never trust
someone with green nails


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