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it's been a productive day

i bought the wrong lightbulb
i have been painting since i got up
paint is spillt everywhere
we didn't get everything planned done
the person i thought would paint with me all the way escaped after an hour into it
i only got help from someone else in the last half
basically i did most of the work as usual
i found another shriveled up dead slug on the window pane
the living room had been colonised with spiders
i have got blue and white freckles all over my face
we both almost fell off the chair several times
i burnt the rice pudding i made for the angel that helped out
it smells like burnt milk all over the house
i also burnt my arm and the palm of my hand which still hurts
somehow the ceiling lamp in my room doesn't work anymore


the living room looks spacious, enlongated and gorgeous
all the mucky, once-vanilla-now-mustard-yellow-due-to-filth and beige combination is almost gone
we did a good job, we worked the best we could
the kitchen walls don't look greasy anymore
the landlord came in with the kitchen tiling guys to tell us that it'll be done tomorrow
the closet guys also came to remove the deathtrap of sliding doors and broken mirrors from my room and are installing the new system on friday
now i can reach things in my closet without fearing for my life
the helper from heaven ate the pudding anyway


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